Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Schedule For Spring

Hello again all! Here is a quick schedule for this coming spring! Mark your calendars. :)


2/15 “The Help” film w/ Prof. Kuhl and Prof. Murphy, 6 pm @ Sage 1234

2/21 “For Colored Girls” film w/ Prof. Lassiter & Prof. Bauder, 6:30pm @Women’s Center

2/28 Katherine Lofton, author of Oprah: The Religion of You, 6:30pm-8, Reeve Theater


3/5 Film: Say My Name on women MCs in hip hop, 6 pm in Women’s Center.

3/6 Jaclyn Friedman, author/editor of Yes Means Yes, 7pm, location TBA

3/7 WS Brown Bag, Dr. Michelle Kuhl, "The Indian Image in the Black Mind: War, Race Suicide, and Manliness at the Dawn of the Jim Crow Era." noon-1 p.m., Women’s Center

3/8 International Women’s Day, Prof. Franca Barriccelli on Women in the Arts, 3pm, Fellowship Hall in Center for Equity and Diversity

3/13 Crucial Conversations: Jess Riley, author/alumna, 6pm in Women’s Center

3/13 Helen Boyd, author of She’s Not the Man I Married, 7 p.m. in Reeve 306

3/14, Women in Politics with Jessica King, State Senator, 3-4:30pm in Reeve 202

***3/15, Author Stephanie Coontz, “Mad Men and Desperate Housewives: How far have we come since the 1960s?” 5 p.m., Reeve Theater***

3/27 Film, “Women Art Revolution,” 6:30 p.m., Women’s Center

3/28 Film, “Made in Dagenham,” WAC movie night, 6pm @ Women’s Center

3/29 WS Brown Bag, Dr. Gabe Loiacono, "Lydia Bates's Neighborhood: An 1820s Adventure in Single Motherhood, Welfare, and Making a Community,” noon-1 p.m., Sage 3224


4/11 LGBTQ Ally March, 5 p.m., Reeve Ballroom

4/19 “True Skool” student panel on gender and hip hop, 4 p.m., Reeve 227C

4/19 “True Skool” talk on gender and hip hop, 6:30 p.m., Sage 1214

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